Top 10 reasons why you should Ride with MedicaRide
  • Easy to get a ride- You can get a ride by downloading our app “medicaride ” or going to our website or calling us
  • Easy to schedule future rides
  • Know when the drivers accepts your ride
  • Know how much it will cost to ride before you ride
  • Easy to pay – cash, credit card or corporate account
  • Ability to share your location when riding with us
  • Facilities and Family members can schedule rides and be notified when loved ones are picked and dropped
  • Easy to cancel ride
  • Travel safely knowing we have done Criminal Background and DMV checks on all drivers
  • Easy to request your favorite driver
    No need to buy a wheelchair van saving you money.


Top 5 why you should drive with “MedicaRide”
  • Easy to drive with us - You can drive with us by downloading our app “ medicaride” . complete an application in less than 10 minutes.
  • Be your own boss - Drive whenever you want
  • You know when passenger accepts your ride
  • Know how much you will make before the trip
  • Easy to receive payment – money deposited in your account in 72 hours.

Fleet owners

  • Access to our dashboard – multiple reports (Income, mileage, driver reviews, scheduled trips etc
  • Ability to see drivers and vehicles in real time
  • Reduce waste and increase profit- drivers are not just seating waiting for passengers
  • Get paid more and fast
  • Reduce your marketing costs by using our technology


  • Access to our dashboard – see scheduled trips
  • Increase customer service – ability to schedule patients or employees rides
  • Pay by corporate card or set up monthly payment
  • Costs cheaper than other modes of transportation
  • Ability to track the patients.

Rent your wheel chair accessible vehicle

  • Ability to make money on your vehicle when not using it
  • Ability to help other people
  • Ability to set up your own price

Our Proprietary, Next-Gen Technology

Go Behind the Screens & Discover the Medicaride Difference
  • Virtual Fleet™ & Supply Algorithm Platform
  • Medicaride Provider Portal
  • Passenger & Driver Management Dashboards

Our powerful platform manages everything from: member eligibility, trips, providers (both commercial and IDP), schedules, provider credentialing, reporting, and provider payments. Our platform also allows us to greatly optimize trip distribution management of network providers, as well as monitor, control and coordinate service in real-time to ensure the highest possible quality.

Medicaride’s platform and real-time controls enable us to manage a supply system of what we refer to as a “Virtual Fleet.” Our Virtual Fleet can scale up and down to meet changes in demand—within minutes—using our platform’s powerful predictive analytics to constantly understand demand patterns; it’s how we manage to keep member grievances at an all-time low. Our operations team monitors supply levels in all areas to ensure the right type and amount of supply is always available, with a car always around the corner from where it’s needed.

Our Mobile Apps

Drivers, Providers and Members Manage Trips — Like Never Before
  • Driver-Provider Apps
  • Provider Tools
  • Dynamic Hotspots

Our easy-to-use Driver-Provider App (iPhone- and Android-compatible) allows users to accept and manage trips, send communications to members, receive special trip instructions, and upload important documentation and credentials to ensure every member’s unique needs are met and compliance is adhered to.